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Andrew L. Shea

Andrew L. Shea is a painter and a writer based in Providence, Rhode Island.

Brenda Goodman: Hop Skip Jump—New Work 2022

These paintings work not in the realm of intellect, but that of feeling. Goodman’s is a formalism that is never escapist or hermetic, but instead tied to an encyclopedic spectrum of human emotions, including terror, despondency, anger, hope, joy, even love. As she prepares to enter her ninth decade, Goodman has once again come upon a new abstract language that, somehow, remains intimately in touch with those important realities.

Aubrey Levinthal: Neighbors, Strangers, Gazers, Bathers

Whereas previous bodies of work consisted primarily of autobiographical and domestic scenes, here Levinthal ventures forth to engage with the outside world and the figures she encounters there.

Polina Barskaya: Still

Polina Barskaya’s newest paintings, 11 of which are on view at Monya Rowe Gallery through November 12, take lockdown-looking as their subject. As in her two previous solo exhibitions at the gallery, these are intimate, domestic scenes, derived from photographs that are acted upon and subtly distorted through the process of painting.

Scott Kahn: The Walled City

The first painting one sees upon entering Scott Kahn’s exhibition at Almine Rech is The Gate (2021–22), a view of a tree-lined residential driveway. Seen from an elevated perspective, presumably a house’s second-story window, the driveway leads from a nondescript road directly down the center of the picture plane.

Matvey Levenstein

Depicting everyday scenes in and around Levenstein’s home on the North Fork of Long Island, these paintings are said to have originated with casual photographs that the artist took on his phone.

Abby Lloyd: Goodbye Dolly

Greenwich Village has gone to the dolls. In an apartment space 11 stories above Cornelia Street and Sixth Avenue is Alyssa Davis Gallery, now host to Goodbye Dolly, a sculptural installation piece by the Brooklyn-based artist Abby Lloyd.

Carrie Moyer: Morphologies

In fifteen mixed-media collages on view now at DC Moore, Carrie Moyer shifts the boisterous abstract compositions for which she’s renowned to a smaller, more personal scale.

Jule Korneffel: Here comes the night

With Here comes the night, an exhibition of eight acrylic paintings now at Spencer Brownstone, Jule Korneffel declares an infatuation with twilight atmosphere.


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