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Cynthia Payne

Cynthia Payne lives in Brooklyn. Her work recently has appeared in The Paris Review Daily, Ploughshares, Women’s Review of Books, Liber, and the Brooklyn Rail.

Eva Hesse: Expanded Expansion

Would she have used less ephemeral materials if she had known that she was going to die at thirty-four? The current exhibit of Eva Hesse’s Expanded Expansion at the Guggenheim begs that question.

Claire Dederer’s Monsters: A Fan’s Dilemma

This focuses on the moral failings of artists, many of them men. Hopscotching through a century of art, this takes up the lives of artists who have disappointed Dederer, ranging from Picasso to Hemingway, Virginia Woolf to Sylvia Plath, Nabokov to Doris Lessing, Wagner to Michael Jackson.

Celia Paul’s Letters to Gwen John

This encounter between two women artists takes the unusual form of a one-sided correspondence. Separated by decades, the letters imagine them as companions able to scale the heights they deserve.


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OCT 2023

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