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Ida Pruitt

IDA PRUITT is an artist based in New York City.

Tony Oursler: TC: the most interesting man alive

Tony Oursler’s film TC: the most interesting man alive (2016 – 2018), made with avant-garde polymath and his long-time collaborator Tony Conrad (1940 – 2016), portrays Conrad as an interview subject in Oursler’s studio

Glen Fogel: With You... Me

Glen Fogel’s solo exhibition features the titular seven-channel video installation With You…Me (2014-2018) alongside new drawings of his first boyfriend.

Riverboat song

The first view of Jordan Wolfson’s sixteen-channel video installation is of its back, a hulking mass of wires, monitors and media players arranged in an upright grid on purple carpet that covers the gallery floor. Suspense is built into the approach: one has to round the corner of this monolith to access the main event.

Not Every Place You Fit In Is Where You Belong

A bone that Collin Leitch carved from soapstone—Linger at the edge of the woods for a fixed amount of time (2018)—rests horizontally on a wall in front of two vinyl-printed video stills.

Shigeko Kubota: River

In Shigeko Kubota's River (1979–81), a curved, stainless steel trough is a vessel for flowing water. Reflected in it are videos from three CRT cube monitors suspended face-down from above. The screens—which, hung at eye level, the viewer must observe with a bend of the back and upward turn of the head—play videos of Kubota swimming.


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