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Jacob Brooks

Jacob Patrick Brooks is an artist and writer living in New York.

Justin Cloud: Crude

Justin Cloud’s show Crude is a striking instance of patience, guts, and visionary thinking. His willingness to boldly tinker is on full display, which signals a departure from his previous body of work, The Garden, that focused on more obviously organic forms. Those were mostly animals and flowers, in various shades of purple, silver, and black, with the occasional green thrown in. By contrast, Cloud’s new work stays close to the natural color of polished copper. 

Sam McKinniss: Mischief

There’s an atmosphere of unease that hangs over Sam McKinniss’s show Mischief at JTT. It’s a subtle, dreadful feeling that takes time to build.

Marlon Mullen

It’s hard not to be charmed by the paintings of Marlon Mullen, which emanate his belief in their material and subject. In an art world that loves to self-pathologize, his self-titled show at JTT stands as a bright light of belief and earnestness that’s hard to come by, especially lately, in a desert of cynicism.


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