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Jasmine Liu

Jasmine Liu is a writer from the San Francisco Bay Area currently based in New York.

Lukas Dhont’s Close

With Close, Lukas Dhont is studious of the ever-delicate changes in a relationship that take hold when we look at each other, touch each other, and pay attention to each other differently.

Su Friedrich’s Today

Today takes place over six years, and this temporal discrepancy captures the central tension of the film, which documents Friedrich’s journey to meet a basic goal she sets in the opening scene: “Try to pay attention to the moment. Try to see the humor in it. Look for the beauty in things. Just take some deep breaths.”

K.D. Davison’s Fragments of Paradise

SUMMARY Davison does what Mekas refused to do his whole life: follow, more or less, chronology and a clear narrative arc in examining his essential role in forming the independent filmmaking scene in New York.


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