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Jessica Lynne

Jessica Lynne is a writer and art critic. She is a founding editor of ARTS.BLACK, an online journal of art criticism from Black perspectives.

Frida Orupabo & Arthur Jafa: Medicine for a Nightmare

The first work a viewer might be drawn to upon entering Medicine for a Nightmare, the small, two-artist exhibition featuring Nigerian-Norwegian artist Frida Orupabo and the critically acclaimed filmmaker Arthur Jafa, at the Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo, Norway, is an untitled video installation by Orupabo mounted on a wall in the center of the exhibition space.

A Literary Collective of Care

During the time when students were required to make decisions about their upcoming fall semesters, I was enrolled in a series of political science and literature courses in which it seemed that all the seminal figures of study had passed through the West African city in moments of artistic growth, pan-African organizing, or simple, unabashed leisure. I, too, am an artist seeking growth, I told myself. A young, Black woman from the United States who felt her place within diaspora. A college kid who wanted five months away in a new place with new people.

DONALD BYRD with Jessica Lynne

651 ARTS is an organization dedicated to contemporary performing arts of the African diaspora. When the organization celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary in 2014, I was tasked with producing the anniversary video retrospective.

In Conversation


Lovushke is a movement-based project that uses virtual reality to explore the vulnerability of memory, fate, and mortality.


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