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Kristen Racaniello

Kristen Racaniello is an art historian, curator, and artist living and working in New York City. Racaniello is pursuing a PhD in medieval art at the CUNY Graduate Center, is an Adjunct Professor of Art History at Queens College, a Partner at Field Projects Gallery, and an Assistant at Les Enluminures.

Tattfoo Tan: Heal the Man in Order to Heal the Land

Heal the Man in Order to Heal the Land breaks from Tattfoo Tan’s past focus on environmental consciousness. Here mental health and self-awareness supersede environment, indicating a new avenue in his exploration of ecological activism.

Amy Cutler: Using Magical Materiality as Feminist Critique

Amy Cutler has dedicated her career to the cultural subtexts associated with womanhood. She draws a network connecting history and mythology, revealing the guts of that animal-woman as a straw man other to an audience of power.


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