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María José Navia

María José Navia was born in Santiago, Chile in 1982. She holds a MA in Humanities & Social thought from NYU and a PhD in Spanish Literature and Cultural Studies from Georgetown, and is now a professor in the Facultad de Letras at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. She is the author of the novels SANT and Kintsugi, as well as the story collections Instrucciones para ser felizLugar, and Una música futura. Her stories have been translated into English, French, and Russian, and have been anthologized in Chile, Spain, Mexico, Bolivia, Russia, and the United States. Lugar was a finalist for Santiago’s 2018 Premio Municipal de Literatura; “Blanco familiar,” an excerpt from Kintsugi, was a finalist for the 2017 Premio Cosecha Eñe; and Una música futura received the Chilean Ministerio de las Culturas’ 2019 Premio Literario for best unpublished work. 


My eyes go straight to the money on the table. Right there, in the kitchen, a couple centimeters from the fruit bowl and the huge cookie jar. My sister’s kids are watching TV.


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