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Mik Pointe

MIK POINTE is a coffee drinker, cat lover, and music reviewer.

Make Your Pointe: Visible Cloaks' Reassemblage

Visible Cloaks—a two-man group: Spencer D and Ryan Carlile—often use quick, abnormal rhythms, which come across like organic splashes of sound.

On Pointe: Alessandro Cortini, Richard Horowitz, Lapalux

Taken together, the three reviews below encompass both the past and the current cutting edge in creative electronic music.

Dots Will Echo’s Nick Berry Sings Like a Girl EP

Dots Will Echo is best known for its releases on Sufjan Stevens’s label, Asthmatic Kitty. But its independent releases have been steadily flowing. On this EP, Nick Berry Sings Like a Girl, Nick Berry lays down a lush palette of smoky vocals in his haunting tenor, with a heavy dose of croon.


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