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Peter Markus

Peter Markus is the author of several works of fiction, among them the novel Bob, or Man on Boat and the short story collections We Make Mud and The Fish and the Not Fish. He lives in Michigan.

In Conversation

Through the Viewfinder: PAMELA RYDER with Peter Markus

Pamela Ryder writes sentences like no other writer I know. I remember my first encounter with her fiction, a story called “Hovenweep” as it appeared as the opening story in Gordon Lish’s The Quarterly #29, a story that begins, “We are too much in the open here: sky, sky, slick rock, heat, and high above us the circling birds.” What is this word Hovenweep?

In Conversation

The Little Crack of Light: CHRIS MOORE with Peter Markus

I’m always on the hunt for other writers and artists to look to as models, men and women who have carved out their own cave in the world and find a way to stick their heads out from time to time to say something about what they see.

In Conversation

with Peter Markus

I remember the first time I bought Brian Evenson’s first book, Altmann’s Tongue. I say first time because it’s one of those books that I’ve bought multiple times since, to give out as gifts, to press into the hands of other writers.


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