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Re'al Christian

Re’al Christian is a writer, editor, and art historian based in Queens, NY. Her work has appeared in Art in America, Artforum, BOMB Magazine, The Brooklyn Rail, and ART PAPERS, where she is a contributing editor. She received her master's in Art History from Hunter College and holds a bachelor’s degree from New York University, where she double majored in Art History and Media, Culture, and Communication.

Gordon Parks: The Atmosphere of Crime, 1957

This photobook reproduces more than 50 of approximately 300 photographs Parks took during his Life magazine assignment, revealing both the humanity of those who have been convicted of crimes and how race and class determine the extent to which criminals are prosecuted.

Ming Smith: An Aperture Monograph

With a signature “blurriness,” Smith’s subjects are often difficult to make out or identify, effectively denying the gaze. In doing so, her photographs act as sites of complicated indexicality, in which Black individuals are able to escape the confines of their own visibility.

Trinh T. Minh-ha’s The Twofold Commitment

A new artist book, The Twofold Commitment by Trinh T. Minh-ha, takes as its point of departure Trinh’s lyrical film Forgetting Vietnam (2015). Commemorating the fortieth anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War, the film examines both public and private memory and the official and unofficial histories that emerge in the wake of traumatic events.

dispersed holdings’s Speed of Resin

For their recent publication, Speed of Resin, the artist-run space dispersed holdings engaged with the idea of truncated time while documenting their final days of programming in Eva Hesse’s former Bowery apartment before being forced to find a new location.


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