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Rudy Natanzon

Rudy Natanzon is an artist, curator, and writer working in New York City.

Sophie Friedman-Pappas: Transfer Station

In the process of creating what she calls “self-cannibalized” assemblages, Friedman-Pappas continually disassembles and rearranges found bits of driftwood, plastic figurines, half-chewed dog toys, phragmites, and other materials from the Freshkills area. The results are objects that appear to be neither hand-crafted nor found; they are weathered by wind or decomposed under layers of soil, but are simultaneously new.

Viktor Timofeev: God Room

In the story of the Tower of Babel, God punishes the Babylonians for pridefully attempting to build a tower tall enough to grasp Heaven. He fatally confuses them by introducing varied language to a homogenous global tongue—


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