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Ruth Fine

Ruth Fine was a distinguished curator over four decades for the National Gallery of Art, Washington.

Guest Critic

Printmaking: Intentions and Aspirations

This project developed from a conversation between Phong Bui and myself about art in the United States since what has long been referred to as the mid-20th century “Print Renaissance,” and my belief in the critica impact of printmaking on artists’ work in other media.

In Conversation

On Larry Day

On November 7, 2021, Woodmere Art Museum in Philadelphia hosted a panel discussion on the exhibition Body Language: The Art of Larry Day, which was organized by Woodmere in conjunction with the Rosenwald-Wolf Galleries at University of the Arts and Arcadia Exhibitions at Arcadia University.

Soutine/de Kooning: Conversations in Paint

Soutine de Kooning: Conversations in Paint is comprised of approximately 50 energetic and ravishing paintings, each of them a special treat to encounter, all the more so at this time in which visits to museums have been radically curtailed.


The Brooklyn Rail

SEPT 2023

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