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Sid Sachs

Sid Sachs is Director of the Rosenwald-Wolf galleries of University of the Arts.

In Conversation

On Larry Day

On November 7, 2021, Woodmere Art Museum in Philadelphia hosted a panel discussion on the exhibition Body Language: The Art of Larry Day, which was organized by Woodmere in conjunction with the Rosenwald-Wolf Galleries at University of the Arts and Arcadia Exhibitions at Arcadia University.

Jasper Johns: Mind/Mirror

Johns is like an Imagist poet; images don’t exhaust meaning, they just provide a vehicle for contemplation. The reason an image fixates us is that centering. Johns never provides ultimate answers, he just provides the opportunity for engagement.

A Tribute to Thomas Nozkowski

Tom was one of the first postwar artists to question the heritage, hubris, and clichéd bloat of Abstract Expressionism. His intelligence transformed art as a political act; the creation of exquisite canvases that would fit in humble homes and not necessarily be destined for corporations or institutions


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