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Tim Blake Nelson

Tim Blake Nelson is an actor, filmmaker and playwright. He has appeared in over eighty feature films, working with directors that include the Coen brothers, Steven Spielberg, Terrence Malick, Ang Lee, Guillermo Del Toro, Tommy Lee Jones, Steven Soderbergh, and Nora Ephron. He has directed five films, four of which he wrote, all of which were released theatrically in the United States and internationally, garnering myriad awards. He has written and published three plays, each produced off Broadway in New York, most recently Socrates, which enjoyed a sold-out run through three extensions at the Public Theater in the spring of 2019.

from City of Blows

Those familiar with Tim Blake Nelson's work in Coen brothers films, the Watchmen series, or last year's Old Henry, will immediately understand that this novel's depictions of Hollywood machinations are of a higher caliber than those in any other literary work that's attempted to depict that world. City of Blows abounds in the economy and fluidity that accompanies true authority—seen in this description of a producer: “One of the biggest pricks in LA. But he gets his movies made. Directors rarely work for him twice.” What's less expected is Nelson’s investigation of the relationship between insecurity and toxicity, seen in Weinstein-esque predators but also applicable to masculinity at large. The psychological motivations and character examinations develop City of Blows from a roman à clef to a work far more universal.


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SEPT 2023

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