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Vanessa Thill

VANESSA THILL is an artist, writer, and curator.

Homage to Dimitris Condos

On a steep street snuggled below Mount Lycabettus in Athens, exuberant scribbles gleam through the window of CAN Christina Androulidaki, a small gallery whose first show of the fall is atypical of their regular program of emerging artists.

Bearing Witness, Mendieta Now

Death is palpable in Ana Mendieta’s work, as a body undergoes elemental transformation. Grave-like pits, gushing blood, and gunpowder silhouettes operate on a symbolic and primordial level, but it’s important to note that some of her earliest work was a direct response to the rape and murder of a nursing student on her college campus in 1973 at University of Iowa.

Bad Blood, Honest Work
Blood on the Mountain

February 26, 1972—A thirty-foot tidal wave of toxic black slurry swallowed sixteen West Virginia towns when the Pittson Company’s coal waste impoundment burst open and spilled down the mountainside of Buffalo Creek hollow.


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