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Erika Eichelberger

ERIKA EICHELBERGER is a writer based in Williamsburg.

Finding God in a Watering Hole

Williamsburg is brimming with signs of spirituality: bands of Hasidic mamas pushing strollers over the bridge, Puerto Ricans and Dominicans rocking flashy crucifixes, yoga-mat toting ladies on their way to Sunday meditation class. But for the young and hip, Christianity seems passé.

CAVE New York Butoh Festival—The Butoh-Kan Phase October 23–November 25, 2009

Dance originates from a primal place and is then is usually molded into or filtered through various codified forms. Butoh, though, does not mold, filter, or codify. It is raw existence.


p>In Robert and Maria, at Danspace Project April 15-17, collaborators Maria Hassabi and Robert Steijn begin in a long embrace, their backs to the audience. A low vibratory sound fills St. Mark’s Church, my organs, and my brain.

Alvin Ailey Celebrates 50 Years at BAM

Alvin Ailey created Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater (AAADT) in 1958 to celebrate the black experience, but also to transcend it in order to bring audiences to a higher place.

zoe/juniper at Dance Theater Workshop

Dance Theater Workshop aims to present “artists from around the world who are exploring new expressions in contemporary dance and performance” and to “advance the critical role of contemporary dance and performance in local and global culture.”

Nederlands Dans Theater II at the Joyce April 8-11, 2009

Nederlands Dans Theater II’s recent run at the Joyce Theater showcased former artistic director and current house choreographer Jiri Kylian’s stunning movement vocabulary, young dancers with exquisite technique, and intriguing concepts.


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