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Gary Sullivan

GARY SULLIVAN writes about international music and immigrant culture at

Flarf: From Glory Days to Glory Hole

Less than 24 hours after Barack Hussein Obama was elected 44th President of the United States, Americans began to declare irony dead.

Untangling RATKING: Wiki comes into his own as a solo artist

On August 25, twenty-three-year-old rapper Wiki, the most conspicuous third of New York hip-hop trio RATKING, released his first official full-length solo album, No Mountains in Manhattan. The 16-track download from XL Recordings features cameos and production from an array of peers and elders, including Ghostface Killah, beatmaker and high school chum Tony Seltzer, Earl Sweatshirt (as randomblackdude), and a dozen others.

VANISHING POINT: Will the RIAA and MPAA Wipe International Music Off the Globe?

In Hollywood and the Recording Industry Association of America’s unchecked attempt to keep the world safe for Lady Gaga and Harry Potter, we’re seeing the beginning of the possible destruction of the web as a site for virtual libraries, archives, and—most important—community.

Cries for Help

Gary Sullivan writes about international music and immigrant culture at


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