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Jill Dearman

Jill Dearman is the author of the novel, The Great Bravura, as well as Bang the Keys, a book for writers, and an upcoming book for middle-schoolers on the history of feminism for Nomad Press. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the New School and is a part-time Professor of Creative Writing at NYU’s College of Liberal Studies/Global Studies. She runs a private editing/writing coach business and regularly teaches writing workshops at The Writers Room in New York City. For more:

In Conversation

JOHN MCCAFFREY with Jill Dearman

John McCaffrey’s debut book of short stories, Two Syllable Men, has just been published by Vine Leaves Press. In each of the dozen stories, some of which have been previously published, a man has to fight the most dangerous opponent: himself.

Harlem to the Moon

Flashforward to today, as many years have passed as there are keys on a piano, Joe Okonkwo pops the cork with a fresh look at this still nourishing and fattening slice of history. In his debut novel, the author best known for his short fiction, brings the place, the era, the voice to life with glorious authenticity.

In Conversation

TIM MURPHY with Jill Dearman

Tim Murphy is a well-regarded activist and journalist who has covered the AIDS epidemic since the 1990s. His new novel Christodora was recently released by Grove Atlantic to great accolades.

In Conversation

STEVE POWELL with Jill Dearman

James Ellroy’s novels and nonfiction are the stuff of obsession. But what kind of an obsessive writer would dedicate his reading, researching and writing time to uncracking the code of the famed L.A. Confidential and The Black Dahlia author

In Conversation

Steven Powell with Jill Dearman

When it comes to James Ellroy, Powell is the go-to expert who plays sleuth to the inventor of many an L.A. sleuth.


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