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Joseph Pomp

Joseph Pomp is an editor at Harvard University Press. His writing has appeared in BOMB, The Los Angeles Review of Books, Senses of Cinema, and elsewhere, including several edited volumes.

Thom Andersen’s The Thoughts That Once We Had

Thom Andersen’s The Thoughts That Once We Had opens with a series of epigraphs.

In Conversation

Ashley McKenzie with Joseph Pomp

Sitting down with the Rail’s Joseph Pomp, Ashley McKenzie discusses music, neurochemistry, and relationships in the process of creating her new film, Queens of the Qing Dynasty.

Jarmusch Since 2009

If Broken Flowers (2005) was in a certain sense a distillation of the blue period that Bill Murray had entered upon teaming up with Wes Anderson in 1998, then Only Lovers Left Alive (2013) is a crystallization of how Jim Jarmusch has been subtly caricaturing his own boho persona over the last few years.


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