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Michael Blum

MICHAEL BLUM is a writer based in New York. His work has appeared in Bookforum, Hyperallergic, The Los Angeles Review of Books, and elsewhere.

Artist and Models: Bresson’s Interviews and Writings

In 1940, a French soldier named Robert Bresson was captured and detained in a German labor camp as a prisoner of war. Improbably, just two years following his release, the soldier would go on to complete a feature film, Les Anges du péché (1943). More improbably still, upon this film’s premiere, he would be interviewed by Je suis partout (literally, “I am everywhere”)—a far-right, ultra-collaborationist, avowedly anti-semitic French journal, then edited by Robert Brasillach, who would be executed for treason not long after the liberation of Paris.


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