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Richard Hell

Richard Hell is a writer who lives in New York.

Autobiography of Richard Hell

The first Central Park Human Be-In took place at the end of March that year. I went up and took a look. It felt strained. People were standing around looking at each other and some of them were wearing little bells on their clothes. There was pot smoking.

Dawn in New York

In ancient Greece, "rosy fingered" Eos, the personification of dawn, had an insatiable desire for young men.

Falling Asleep

I dropped out of high school to be a poet, so I needed to try to teach myself, by reading and writing, how to write. My first big insight was that poetry is metaphor (is that a metaphor?), in metaphor’s broadest sense—the evocation of something by invoking something else. Life is a dream, or death as sleep, and “even your shoulders are petty crimes” or “the hum-colored cabs.” Do those last two count as a metaphors?


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