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Singing in Unison Part 8: Between Waves

Curated by Alice, Nien-pu Ko


6 p.m. Eastern / 3 p.m. Pacific

In loving memory of Michael Snow (1928 – 2023)

Please join us on Saturday, October 7, 6 – 9 PM, to celebrate the opening of Singing in Unison Part 8: Between Waves at Industry City.

900 Third Avenue 
Brooklyn, NY 11232 (map)

Still from a video by Tita Salina & Irwan Ahmett
Courtesy Tita Salina & Irwan Ahmett

Singing in Unison Part 8: Between Waves encompasses contemporary images, stories, histories, and oceanic myths through the works of artists from the Asia-Pacific region through the interconnectedness of islands and oceans linked by transformative technology. The artworks trace currents between individual islands and groups of islanders carrying memory, historical trauma, reflection on co-existence, and new possibilities.

Between Waves, curated by Alice, Nien-Pu Ko, focuses on the Asia-Pacific region. Some 25,000 islands, islets, and atolls are scattered amidst the Pacific Ocean, with nearly 1,000 languages spoken in total. Drawing on histories, oceanic myths, stories, in addition to the shared political traumas resulting from colonialism, the Cold War, militarism, warfare, and ecological disaster, many of the regions remain in constant flux: an ever-changing militarization throughout the islands. This exhibition explores these layers of complexity through the works of seventeen artists, filmmakers, photographers, poets, musicians, and thinkers from Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, Borneo, Jeju Island, the Hawaiian islands, Samoa, and New Zealand.

Featuring work by: Martha Atienza, En Man Chang, Yin Ju Chen, Jesse Chun, Miyagi Futoshi, Maya Jeffereis, Jane Jin Kaisen, Yuki Kihara, Jia-Jen Lin, Yu Liu, Vandy Rattana, Lisa Reihana, Tita Salina & Irwan Ahmett, Lieko Shiga, Kahurangiariki Smith, Su Yu Hsin, Pagrok Sulap, and Hong Kai Wang.

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