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Dark Clothes

Ad Reinhardt at Brooklyn College. Courtesy the Ad Reinhardt Foundation.


I was a student in the Art Department of Brooklyn College in the 50s.

I took an art history class taught by Ad Reinhardt.

He wore dark jackets, dark trousers, dark shirts, and dark slim knit ties.

Black, brown, navy, grey, no patterns.

I imagine he wore dark socks and shoes, but he stood behind a desk.

I remember the color and shape of him against the blackboard when he turned to write with chalk.

He gave a final exam with these 1st 3 questions:

What is Art?

What is what?

What is is?

I was 16 or 17 and I think those three questions changed my life.

But now I’m 76 so would I trust me if I were you?



David Gordon

DAVID GORDON is a choreographer and a founding member of Judson Dance Theater in the 1960s.


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