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Quasi-Infinities and the Waning of Space

Robert Smithson, “Quasi-Infinities and the Waning of Space,” Arts Magazine Vol. II, November 1966.


...system is extended into mechanics. The workings of biology and technology belong not in the domain of art, but to the “useful” time of organic (active) duration, which is unconscious and mortal. Art mirrors the “actuality” that Kubler and Reinhardt are exploring. What is actual is apart from the continuous “actions” between birth and death. Action is not the motive of a Reinhardt painting. Whenever “action” does persist, it is unavailable or useless. In art, action is always becoming inertia, but this inertia has no ground to settle on except the mind, which is as empty as actual time.


Robert Smithson

ROBERT SMITHSON (1939-73) was an American sculptor and writer associated with the Land Art movement.


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