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River Rail



after breaking in                                                                              
the wolf                                                                              
the hens                                                                              
so he could                                                                              
take his time with them                                                                              
twists them open until the right                                                                              
amount of memory fits into the song                                                                     
another high price for belonging                                             
poetry is the opposite of escape                                             
but makes this world endurable                                             
how the smallest puddle                                             
reflects the entire sky                                             
a return to every dream                                             
our minds talked us out of                                             
trusting our math of the star                                             
your hand around my shoulder                                             
poet astronaut you know I love you                                             
I have no sense of failure when I am with you                                             
everything matters because everything                 
hurts someone somewhere as it is mattering                  
we became all we carried into the mast                   
migratory patterns given to the love again                    
a way to end this secrecy of suffering                     
cut a door in the wolf so we                      
can retrieve our dead for                       
a world that matters                        



CA Conrad

CA Conrad's 9th book is titled While Standing in Line for Death (Wave, 2017).  For information on their books and films, visit them online at


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